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With the completion of the O60 carnival last weekend on the Gold Coast, Kedron Wavell Hockey club are proud to announce that there are 32 Wolves named in various QLD teams.

34/1       Kula Bhullar (captain)

40/2       Malcolm Grant, Brad Hollis

45/1       Dean Boughen, Brett Rollason,

45/2       Baeden Choppy, Andrew McFazdean, Craig Owen

50/1       Garth Spenceley

50/2       Michael Grant; Brett Leslie (captain),

55/2       Tony Dodd, Ray Nicol;  Carlos Alvarez, Dave Wilson

60/1       Duncan Davis, Martin Halsey

60/2       Robert Barnes, John Davis, David Berglin, Ross Standen, David Todd; Michael Blake, Alistair Hogg,

65/1       Andre Antony, Nigel Hedgecock

65/2       Peter Beatton, Ian Harcla, Ian Jones, Noel Mitchell, Michael Williams

75           Ajit Bhullar

The club would like to wish all players the very best when they put the maroon on for that national titles at the Gold Coast Hockey Centre from 24th September to 8th October.

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