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Kedron Wavell Services Hockey Club for juniors has the vision to teach young kids how to play and enjoy the game of hockey and the lifestyle that comes with being physically active in a supportive and social environment. We do this through making full use of our facilities and the proximity of the Services Club for gatherings and events.

Our aim is to take the enthusiasm of the children and support and encourage them to develop a love of hockey and with it the opportunity at representation levels. This is in both playing and umpiring.  We are innovative in our approach to coaching and engage the senior players to mentor our young ones.  We conduct integrated training and coaching sessions to foster this.  Juniors then see the benefits of training and that discipline in training will help you improve.

This is a family-friendly club where every player is valued and where the family and community support is recognised and appreciated.

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Lisa Newbold

Vice President Junior Girls

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Age Eligibility and Fees

For Girls, there is turf teams and grass teams.  Below shows the age groups based on year of birth.

  • J’s Turf and Grass – Born 2002-2006 (2002 for all girls still in Grade 12)
  • U13 Turf and Grass – Born 2007-2008
  • U11 Grass – Born 2009-20010
  • U9  – Born 2011-2012
  • U7  – Born 2013-2015
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Junior Turf 1 (JT1) Girls

Coach: Emily Hegney

Manager: Chris West

Junior Turf 2 (JT2) Girls

Coach: Jazz Larosa

Manager: Richard Tweddell

Junior Turf 3 (JT3) Girls

Coach: Mandy Beerhalter

Manager: Katrina Dickie/Carolynne Hassall

Under 13 Turf 1 (U13T1) Girls

Coach: Pam Patteson
Manager: Craig Boal

Junior Grass 1 (JG1) Girls

Coach: Tracey Sullivan

Junior Grass 2 (JG2) Girls

Coach: John Lee

Under 13A Grass (U13A) Girls

Coach – Rhiannon Aleksic

Under 13B Grass (U13B) Girls

Coach – Tracey O’Connor

Under 11A Grass (U11A) Girls

Coaches – Matt Blythe

Under 11B Grass (U11B) Girls

Coach – TBA

Under 11C Grass (U11C) Girls

Coach – Kayla Cavanagh

Under 9 Grass (U9 Red) Girls

Coach – Peta Heit

Under 9 Grass (U9 Blue) Girls

Coach – TBA

Under 7 Grass (U7 Blue) Girls

Coach – Catherine Burchill