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Club History

The Kedron Wavell Services Hockey Club Inc. was formed on 3rd March 1994 after City United Hockey Club agreed to give naming rights to their principle sponsor Kedron Wavell Services Club, who are adjacent to Burringbar Park.

The partnership saw the the services club fund the building of first artificial turf and the existing club house. Today the facility has two modern artificial turfs and a quality grass field that supports both men and women’s hockey via a tri-partisan arrangement with Kedron Wavell Hockey and both the Brisbane Men and Womens Hockey Associations

‘Kedron Wavell Wolves’ has been been the “home club” of the Brisbane North Hockey Centre (Burringbar Park) since the hockey grounds were created 1978. (originally called Hamilton Road Reserve)


The timeline of City United/Kedron Wavell Services Club


Club Highlights: 

  • Georgia West  – Selected for Australia Futures Junior & BWHA Highest representative  Honours Trophy
  • Tracey O’Conner inducted as life member
  • Wolf Cup U18 Girls Super 9s moves to 2 day – 16 team comp.
  • New change rooms opens at field 2


  • MHL3 – Men
  • MHL4 – Men
  • MHL5 – Men
  • BHL6 – Men
  • JT1 – Girls
  • JG1 – Girls
  • JG2 – Girls
  • 13A – Girls

Minor Premierships

  • ML2 – Women
  • BHL6 – Men
  • MM1 – Women
  • MHL3 – Men
  • MHL4 – Men
  • MHL5 – Men
  • JT1 Girls
  • JG1 Girls
  • JG2 Girls
  • 13A Girls

Representative Honours: 

Refer Annual Report


Club Highlights: 

  • BP3 Grass Field Opens allowing for Junior & Senior Kedron Wavell Teams to return to Burringbar for training.
  • Kedron Div 1 Mens team win 2020 Tiger Turf Cup
  • Kedron Div 1 Womens team win 2020 Tiger Turf Plate
  • Covid 19 hits the world


  • PL1 – Women
  • PL3 – Women
  • MM1 – Women

Minor Premierships:

  • PL1 – Women
  • BHL6 – Men
  • JT1 – Girls
  • 13T – Girls

Representative Honours: 

  • Refer annual report


Club Highlights: 

  • 2nd artificial pitch opens providing Hockey Brisbane increased pitch capacity but more importantly increase training time and space for 7 clubs on North Side
  • State Government grant won to build brand new change rooms for 2nd artificial pitch
  • Kedron Wavell introduces the Wolf Cup – U18 Girls Super 9’s Hockey Tournament
  • Kedron Wavell awards President John Davis life membership
  •   Div 1 coach Nikki Taylor becomes Brisbane Blaze (Hockey One National Leagues) inaugural coach and leads Brisbane to national champions


  • Div 1 (PL1) – Women
  • Div 3 (PL3) Women
  • MHL3 – Men
  • MHL4 – Men
  • JT1 – Boys
  • JT1-  Girls

Minor Premierships

  • Div 2 (PL2) – Women
  • Div 3 (PL3) – Women


Representative Honours: 

  • Refer annual report


Club Highlights: TBA

Premierships: TBA

Minor Premierships: TBA

Representative Honours: TBA


Club Highlights: TBA

Premierships: TBA

Minor Premierships: TBA

Representative Honours: TBA


Club Highlights: TBA

Premierships: TBA

Minor Premierships: TBA

Representative Honours: TBA


2015 KW vs Easts Prelim Final

Premierships: Junior Grass Girls 2 (joint); U11C girls; U11D Girls

Minor Premierships: DP4;

Queensland Schools: Miranda Scroope (U19)

Queensland U18: Hannah Lowry

U21: Hannah Lowry; Britt Wilkinson; Audrey Smith 

Queensland Scorchers: Jodie Kenny; Audrey Smith

Queensland Masters:Leslie Anderson (O35) ; Elaine Badini (O55)

Australian Hockeyroos: Jodie Kenny

Australian Development Squad:Audrey Smith 

Australian Futures Squad:Britt Wilkinson


2014 Audrey Smith
2014 Kedron Wavell Club of the Month

Kedron Wavell wins Hockey Australia Club of the Month feb 2014 for the Hooked into Hockey Program

BHAStan Griffin Club Championship Shield (juniors)BWHA Highest Representative Honours Audrey Smith; Highest Coaching Honours Nikki Taylor; Most Promising Umpire Jade Le Moeligou;

Premierships: ; Girls JT1; Girls U11C (joint). Men Masters 3; Boys U13d2

Minor Premierships:Women Div 1 ; Girls JT1; Boys U13d2; Boys U11d1

Queensland U15: Jemma Punch; Claudia Dohnt; Lewis Fossey

Queensland Schools: Candice Champion; Morgan Gallagher; Kate Springfield

Queensland U18: Morgan Gallagher; Britt Wilkinson

Queensland U21: Jasmine Larosa; Britt Wilkinson

Queensland Scorchers: Jodie Kenny; Audrey Smith; Jasmine Larosa

Australian Schools: Morgan Gallagher;

Australian Hockeyroos: Jodie Kenny

Australian Junior squad (U23): Jodie Kenny; Jasmine Larosa; Audrey Smith



2012 Club Captains




Premierships: Girls: JG3; JT3. Ladies: . Mens: 

Minor Premiers. Girls: JT1; JT3; JG3 Ladies: Masters 1

Queensland Schoolgirls team: Jasmine Larosa; Jamie Stone; Tegan Kerr

Queensland U13: Courtney Kerr

Queensland U15: Tegan Kerr; Jasmine Larosa

Queensland U18 Alyssa Kerr;  Leigh McCormick; Samantha Pavish ; Jamie StoneQueensland U21 Alyssa Kerr; Rebecca Kirchner; Samantha Pavish ; Queensland Scorchers: Alyssa Kerr; Rebecca Kirchner; Jodi Schultz

Australian Schools: Jamie Stone

Australian Futures Squad: Alyssa Kerr; Jamie Stone


2008 saw the passing of founding member and Club Life Member Eric Jones. 

Glen ‘Jessie’ James awarded Life Membership. ShawSportz collapses leaving facilities management of burringbar park in a mess. Nikki Taylor starts as Div 1 Coach Women


BWHA Most promising junior girl: Tegan Kerr; BWHA Highest Coaching Honours Award: Nikki Taylor

Premierships: Ladies: Division 2; Monday Masters 1; DP5 Girls:JT1; U13B; Boys J1 Men: Div 5 Blue

Queensland  U15:Courtney Kerr;Queensland  U13: Jasmine Larosa ;

Queensland Schoolgirls team: Renee Taylor; Leigh McCormick;  Kandice Olivieri; Samantha Pavish  Queensland School Boys:Sam Acutt;Aaron Lund;Justin Morris

Queensland U18 :Justin Morris; Stephanie Bice; Alyssa Kerr;  Leigh McCormick; Kandice Olivieri; Samantha Pavish  Queensland U21 :Marnie Hudson;  Kandice Olivieri; Samantha Pavish; Jodie Schulz

Queensland Scorchers: Jodie Schulz

Australian U21: Marnie Hudson; Rebecca Kirchner;  Kandice Olivieri; Jodie Schulz

Australian Schoolgirls:  Alyssa Kerr; Kandice Olivieri ;Jacqui Day

Australian Country: Adam Humrich

Australian Vets O35: Sheryl Simpson; O50:Belle Davis; O60:Ajit Bhullar

CLUB CAPTAINS: Jim Moloney; Wendy La Chuisa


Premierships: Girls: JT1; JT2; U13B. Ladies: DP2. Mens: 

Minor Premiers. Girls: U11A Ladies: Div 4. DP2

Queensland Schoolgirls team: Alyssa Kerr; Leigh McCormack,

Queensland U15:Alyssa Kerr;

Queensland U18 : Alyssa Kerr, Leigh McCormack, Samantha Pavish


BWHA: Rookie of the Year Alyssa Kerr, Best & Fairest Div 5 Kellie Farraway, Best & Fairest MM1 Sheryl Simpson, Highest coaching honours Nikki Taylor


Premierships: Girls: J1; U11A; U11B . Ladies:DP 6 . Mens: 

Minor Premiers. Girls:J1; J5; U11A  Ladies: DP2; DP4


Queensland  Schoolgirls :TeganKerr;

Queensland representatives. U21 Jodie Schulz


Premierships: Girls: J1, U13D, U11C. Boys: U11(2). Ladies: DP 3, DP 4, DP 5. Mens: Division 2 Veterans

Minor Premiers. Girls: J1,

Boys: U11(2),

Ladies: DP 3, DP 4.

Queensland representatives. Girls: Cassie Brittain & Alyssa Kerr (Shadow) – U/15, Alyssa Kerr (Shadow) – School Girls.

Boys: Joshua McClelland & Matthew Argent (Shadow) – Primary School Boys, Aaron Lund & Joshua McClelland (Shadow) – U/13.

Men: Peter Deering, Graham Taylor, Alan Gough, Stephen Jennison, Ian Harcla, Keith Dickinson, Russell Smith – Vets


Minor Premiers. Boys: U15(1),

Ladies: DP 6

Premiership Teams. Mens: Division 1 Veterans.

Girls: U11B.

Queensland representatives. Ladies: Judy Lucas Vets (Aust).

Girls: Alyssa Kerr U/13


Premiership Teams. Ladies: DP 1.

Queensland representatives. Ladies: Judy Lucas Vets (Aust). Girls: Alyssa Kerr U/13


Premiership Teams. Girls: U 11C, U 13B. Boys: U 11(2).


2001 KW Kedron Women
2001 KW Kedron Men

The Kedron Wavell Services Hockey Club Inc. became part of the Shaw Sportz (Kedron Wavell Services Club sporting body) in 2001 as part of the Burringbar Park Sports Complex with a wet Artificial Surface and two grass fields all with full lighting.


Minor Premiers. Boys: U 15(2).

Men: Veterans.

Premiership team. Boys: U 15(2).

Queensland representatives. Ladies: Cassie Tyler Country, Sharon Schasser

Vets, Maureen Seary Vets, Judy Keen Vets, Kim Gerrand U 18.

Men: Ajit Bhuller Vets (Aust), Ian Murray Vets (Aust), Andre Antony Vets, Alan Gough Vets.

Relegated from Division 1.


Minor Premiers. Girls: J2, J4, U 11B.

Premiership Teams. Girls: J2, J4, U 11B.

Boys: U 15 (2).

Queensland representatives.

Ladies: Maureen Seary Vets, Judy Keen Vets. Men: Andre Antony Vets, Alan Gough Vets,  Brian Williams Vets, Bob Grayson Vets, Col Keily Vets, Bob Rowley Vets.

Boys: Adam Solomon Schoolboys.

Special Awards. Girls: Taxation Shield (Best Club).


Minor Premiers.

Men: Div. 2.

Ladies: DP7.

Boys: U 9, U 15(2).

Girls: J1.


Men: Div. 2.

Ladies: DP7.

Boys: U 9, U 15(2).

Girls: J 2, J3.

Queensland representatives.

Men Veterans: Alan Gough Vets, Ian Jones , Andre Antony .

Ladies: Maureen Sealy Vets.


Minor Premiers.

Men: Divison. 1, Divison 2.

Girls: J3. Boys: U 13 (2).


Girls: J1, J2, J3, U 11B, U 11C.

Queensland representatives.

Men: Greg Forbes Blades, Damien Seeto Blades, Ryan Zielke QAS, Damien Seeto QAS,

Men Veterans: Alan Gough , Ian Murray , Russel Young 


Damien Seeto

Minor Premiers.

Mens Division 1

Boys: U 14(2). 

Girls: U13A.


Men: Div 2.

Girls: U 13A. Boys: U 16 (2).

Queensland representatives.

Ladies: Nikki Rolleson (Secondary) U 21, Carmel Meyer Vets, Judy Keen Vets.

Men: Steve Frederiksen PresidentXI, Dean Broughen (Secondary) President XI, Greg Forbes Senior (Capt), Doug Bransgrove Senior,

Damien Seeto Senior (Aust. Olympic Squad),

Alan Gough Vets, Ian Murray Vets. 

Alyson Aleksic attained Australian Umpire Badge.


Minor Premiers.

Girls: J4 & U13A.


Girls: J4 ,U 13A, U13C.

Boys: U10A.

Queensland representatives.

Ladies: Judy Keen Vets.

Australian Development Team Damien Seeto 

Club re-admitted to Division 1.


City United Logo
KW Logo


Men: Div 5.

Girls: U11b.

Queensland representatives.

Ladies: Judy Keen Vets. Men: Ajit Bhuller Vets.

Australian Team : Damien Seeto

We changed our name to Kedron Wavell Services Hockey Club Inc. The City United Hockey Club Inc. was approached by the Kedron Wavell Services Club previously to this date to run under the Services Club because City United held the lease on Burringbar Park which was up for renewal.

The Services Club felt they could assist the City United Hockey Club Inc. to carry out improvements to the park and the Lessor (Brisbane City Council) would be more favourable to this action. Discussions then followed and City United finally agreed to the offer and reformed as the Kedron Wavell Services Hockey Club Inc.


1994 Australian Team_Seeto

Queensland representatives

Ladies: Marion Clark U18 (named in Aust. U18), Judy Keen Vets.

Australian Team U21 Team (vice Captain) & Australian Team: Damien Seeto


Relegated from Division 1 only retaining a Division 2 Men’s.

Premiership. Girls: U11c.

Queensland representatives. Ladies: Judy Keen Vets.

Queensland Open Team: Damien Seeto


Premiership Teams. Girls: U 17. Queensland representatives. Men: Ajit Buller Vets. Boys: Ryan Williams U13. Ladies: Judy Keen Vets.


Premiership Teams. Men: Div. 4. Ladies: Div. 6.

Queensland Representatives. Ladies: Juanita Hall Under 21, Judy Keen Vets.

Men: Damien Seeto Queensland U17. Boys: Ryan Williams U 13.


City United promoted to first Div 1 ladies following Div 2 Premiership in 1998.

Queensland Representatives Ladies: Maria McIntyre Vets.

Boys: Damien Seeto U 21, Joe Lewin U17 also named in Australian U17 team.

Men: Ajit Singh Buller Vets.


Minor Premiers. Men: Div. 4.

Boys: U 11 (2).

Premiership winners. Ladies: Div. 2.

Boys: U11(2).

Queensland Representatives. Boys: Joe Lewin U17, Damien Seeto U15.

The City United Hockey Club became an Incorporated Association in 1988.


Minor Premier teams: Men Div. 4,

Girls U 14B, Girls U 14C.

Premiership winners Girls U14B, Boys U 13(2).

Queensland Representatives. Men: Ajit Singh Buller Vets., Grant Smith U 17.

Ladies: Denise Byrne Vets. Boys:

Damien Seeto U15 (named player Championship).


Men Div 5, Boys U 15 (2), Girls U 12A & Girls U 10A team Minor Premiers.

Boys U 15 (2) & Girls U10A won Premierships.

Girls U 12A & 10A minor premiers,

U 10A won Premiership.

Boys won Stan Griffin Shield.

Players selected as Queensland Representatives Men, Rodney Lancaster U 21, Steven Lancaster U17, Ajit Singh Vets. Boys, Damien Seeto U13.


Mrs Jenny Tidey

Ladies Div. 7 won Premierships.

Girls U 12B won Premierships.

Denise Byrne & Jenny Tidey played in Queensland Veterans team. 


KW City United

Club Incorporated. City United Hockey Club Inc.

Damien Seeto named Queensland Schoolboys team.

Ladies Div. 5 won Premiership.

Girls U 12A Minor Premiers. 


KW City United Ladies

Boys U 7, 9, 15 won Premierships.

Boys won Stan Griffin Shield.

Ladies Div. 3 won Premiership.

Girls U 16A & U 10 won Premiership.

U 16 B were minor Premiers.

Glen Jones received Australian Umpires Badge. 


KW City United Junior Girls

Boys U 16 & Girls U 16 Premiership winners. 


KW City United Building 2

Girls Under 16A won Premiership.

Men’s fixtures played Burringbar Park. 


City United

Men Div. 7 Premiers,

Boys Under 10 & 14 Premiers.

Won Stan Griffin Shield (Best Jrn Boys Club).

Club admitted to Mens Division 1 and 2 

29 March the Club Rooms and Amenities Block were opened in 1980 (now the parking area near the entrance to the Services Club).


City United Junior U12 premiers

Boys U 10 only Premiership team 

Lights installed at Hamilton Rd by volunteers

Belle Davis First Ladies Club Captain


City United Fields

The City United Hockey Club moved to Hamilton Road Reserve (now Burringbar park which the aboriginal name means the clashing of sticks) in 1978 and then started to construct the fields for playing from the hard fill dump that existed before (Remains of the old Chermside Allan & Starks damaged by fire earlier and other debris were found below).


City United

Girls U12B Premeirs , First girls premiership

The first Junior Girls team (under 12) was started in 1977


KW City United Mums

First Season for City United: 4 Mens teams, 6 Boys teams

First Ladies and Junior Girls teams

Brian Williams first Club Captain

The City United Hockey Club started the first ladies team in 1976 (Grade B2) with several partners and friends of the male club wishing to play hockey.


YMCA Hockey Club


The City United Hockey Club was formed on 12th November 1975 from the Y.M.C.A. Hockey Club as a Men and Boys Club at Victoria Park Herston. The Club was formed as enthusiastic members of the Y.M.C.A. club felt they needed a new club to provide a separate identity for its members. There are still a few members of the Kedron Wavell Services Hockey Club who were originally members of the original Y.M.C.A. Hockey Club.

Unlike many other hockey clubs the City United Hockey Club was an united club from its inception with the Junior Boys, Senior Men, Junior Girls and Senior ladies with sub-committees administrating the four different sections under one administration.