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Thank you to everyone who attended our 2018 Kedron Wavell Hockey Club Junior Presentation. We hope you all enjoyed the event & are looking forward to a season of Junior Summer Hockey, or counting down the days until the 2019 season commences! SEE FACEBOOK ALBUM FOR PHOTOS BY Hockey Photos Brisbane

We’d like to again thank all of our 2018 Coaches – you’re all AH-MAY-ZING and we can’t thank you enough for your time throughout the season!

And from here, we congratulate the following players in the 2018 season:

Juniors who have completed their final year in Juniors in 2018, and age out to full-time seniors from 2019:

  • Rhiannon Aleksic, Thomas Couch, Kate Feltrin, Izzy Flynn, Ashleigh Neill, Lucy O’Donovan, Jemma Punch, Lauren Seawright, Sarah Smith and Jack Samuels.

U7 and U9 team participation awards:

  • U7 Girls Red: Coach: Georgia Gaddes; Manager: Julia McDonald; Players: Dan Crowley, Hannah Crowley, Chloe Heit, Eva Hickson, Evie McDonald, Layla McDonald, Cordelia Pool, Imogen Pool
  • U7 Girls Blue: Coach: Jennifer Lindeman; Manager: Kelly Bryan; Players: Chelsea Blyth, Holly Bryan, Mischa Cutts, Emma Dickie, Eleanor Lindemann, Frank Nutter
  • U9 Girls Blue: Coach: Peta Heit; Asst Coach: Lily Willoughby; Manager: Melissa Blyth; Players: Norah Battye, Summer Blyth, Lara Blyth, Adelaide Eade. Sophie Emerson, Taylah Heit, Piper Leddy, Ivy Lestani, Charlotte Lindemann, Heather Nally
  • U9 Girls Red: Coach: Juliet Hancock; Manager: Jane Kwan; Players: Amity Collins, Aaliya Hall, Lily Hancock-Kurtz, Olivia Kwan, Emma MacDonald, Zoe McKenna, Lola Nicholls, Annika Steeden, Eve Williams
  • U9 Boys: Coach: Stacey Cabot; Players: Harley Baker, Darcy Galmay, Mitchell Little, Patrick Lynch, Jessica Lynch, Samuel Sadler, Zoe Sadler, Ollie Woolveridge

Most Promising Rookey: Each year our young ones show great talent in the U9 Rookey competition and we even have some that sub up early into full competition. Each year we recognise 2 young talented players. One girl and one boy. These trophies are given to the young player that is recognised as ‘The Most Promising Youngster’.

  • GIRLS: Bill Brown Trophy – Presented to the most promising girl in the Rookey competition (U9’s): ZOE MCKENNA
  • BOYS: Laurie Pitt Trophy – Presented to the most promising boy in the Rookey competition (U9’s): DARCY GALMAY

2018 Loyalty Awards – Presented by Club Patrons Mrs Jenny Tidey OAM & Mr Ian Harcla: Each year we recognise our players that have played 5 or 10+ consecutive seasons with Kedron Wavell. Over the years there haven’t been too many members that have reached 10 consecutive years.

  • 11 Consecutive Seasons*: Jessica Couch & Emily Morley
    *apologies for missing note in 2017
  • 10 Years: Maddy Awyzio, Sarah Pobjie, Corey Punch, Lachlan Robertson and Matthew Robertson
  • 5 Years: Zac Lawrence, Max Lawrence, Louisa Cameron, Mia Cameron, Maddy Casey, Grace Di Tullio, Hayley Dickie, Sienna Fraser, Simon Fuller, Amber Gledhill, Chelsea Gledhill, Maddy Jones, Erin Kropp, Olivia Kwan, Katie Le Moeligou, Lara Meoni, Cooper Nicholls, Lucy Pepper, Brooke Seawright, Veronica Tibbetts, Ruby Wakeford, Rhianna Young

Team Presentations: From U11’s our kids are now in competition hockey, and we’ve had great games in both boys and girls, with all kids playing very well. We’ve all had the chance to watch some talent emerging from our ranks, and would now like to recognise this. For each team, there are 3 awards: Best & Fairest, Most Improved and Coaches’ Trophy. Coaches’ Trophy is a new award recognised this year for the team member that has been encouraging, inspiring or all round given heart.

  • Girls U11C: Coach: Katrina Symmans & Tracey O’Connor; Manager: Deb Schedue; Most Improved: Paige Lang; Coaches’ Award: Mia Abbott; Best and Fairest: Ella Dickson
  • Girls U11A: Coach: Smiley Edwards; Manager: Catherine Shephard; Most Improved: Ayla Miles;  Coaches’ Award: Rhianna Young; Best and Fairest: Erin Harris
  • Boys U11: Coach: John Lee; Manager: Karen Ward; Most Improved: Jack Johnson; Coaches’ Award: Angus McKenna; Best and Fairest: Fletcher Cabot
  • Girls U13B: Coach: Mel Blanchard; Manager: Jade Blackmore; Most Improved: Imogen Nally; Coaches’ Award: Madison Shaw; Best and Fairest: Hayley Dickie
  • Girls 13T1: Coach: Pam Patteson; Manager: Keryn Jones;  Most Improved: Emerson Beerhalter;  Coaches’ Award: Braelyn Chase; Best and Fairest: Keely Downes
  • Boys U13: Coach: Craig Cabot / Alison Dewar; Manager: Stephanie Hall; Most Improved: Tyler Kerr;  Coaches’ Award: Cooper Nicholls; Best and Fairest: Oliver Bryans
  • Girls JG2: Coach: Tracey Sullivan; Asst Coach: Riley Kirk; Manager: Allison Cameron; Most Improved: Katelyn Harvey; Coaches’ Award: Sarah Leonard; Best and Fairest: Emma Winstanley
  • Girls JT3: Coach: Emily Hegney / Alison Deward; Manager: Erica Hopewell; Most Improved: Alex Hassall; Coaches’ Award: Lauren Seawright; Best and Fairest: Erin Kropp
  • Girls JT2: Coach: Andrew Blanchard; Manager: Jo Galvin; Most Improved: Madyson Jones; Coaches’ Award: Brooke Criddle; Best and Fairest: Georgia Gaddes
  • Girls JT1: Coach: Nikki Taylor; Manager: Chris West; Most Improved: Holly Awyzio; Coaches’ Award: Courtney Davis; Best and Fairest: Jemma Punch
  • Boys J3: Coach: Adam Shaw; Manager: Brett Leslie; Most Improved: Riley Hornung; Coaches’ Award: Alex Lynch; Best and Fairest: Matthew Robertson
  • Boys J1: Coach: Toby Hamilton; Manager: Marty Couch; Most Improved: Corey Punch;  Coaches’ Award: Declan Baker; Best and Fairest: Sean Dodd

Representative Players – 53 Kedron Juniors represented playing this year!

  • U11s: Mia Newbold, Lily Punch, Paige Robinson, Mackenzie Boal, Lainie Edwards, Merribelle Radvan, Jack Johnson, Angus Kearney, Max Lawrence, Angus McKenna, Logan Morse, Tom Ward & representing as umpire at U11 Southern Cross – Lauren Seawright; Coaches – Mel Blanchard and Courtney Kerr took the Southern Cross Brisbane 4 team that won Division 3.
  • U13s: Sammi Neill, Maddy Casey, Brooke Seawright, Claire Kearney, Oliver Bryans, Matthew Crough, Aidan Greene, Cooper Nicholls, William Pobjie, Fletcher Cabot & representing as an umpire at U13 State Champs – Cooper Cabot.
  • Sammi Neill & Oliver Bryans, both selected to Queensland U13 Team that will play in Hobart later this year.
  • U15s: Sophie Edwards, Olivia McManus, Georgie West, Maddy Jones, Sinead Swartz, Rebecca Mossop, Brooke Criddle, Angie Crough, Jessica Couch, Emma Dutton, Alana Tweddell, Corey Punch, Ethan Cabot, Lachlan Robertson, Alex Shaw & representing as an umpire at U15 State Champs – Georgia Gaddes.
  • Corey Punch & Georgie West – played earlier this year at U15 National Championships.
  • U18s: Jemma Punch, Abbey Lowry, Holly Awyzio, Hannah Harvey, Zali Carter, Katie Le Moeligou, Josie Whitehart, Georgia Gaddes, Carla Galvin, Sarah Smith, Declan Baker, Sean Dodd, Jayden Douma, Quinn Hurt, Jack Samuels & Tom Couch
  • Jemma Punch & Abbey Lowry – participated in the Super League this year.
  • Jemma Punch – selected to the Queensland U18 & U21 Teams.

Finalists: This year KW juniors finished 2018 very successfully with 7 junior teams playing Finals hockey.

  • U13 Boys finished in the top 4 going to first-round Semi-Finals but went down to Norths.
  • U11 Boys made it to prelim finals, these boys finished their season in 3rd place.
  • U13B Girls team played a tremendous season, making it to the Grand Final game – however were unlucky to go down 1-0 so were runners-up. Congratulations Mel & Jade for your efforts this season in bringing together a very new bunch of girls and forming them into a great little team.
  • JG2 Girls – Tracey Sullivan, Riley & Zani coached this team to finish the regular season as Minor Premiers, going on to play in the Grand Final, also going down 1-0 to finish as runners-up. Captain of JG2 – Erin Winstanley to receive the minor premier award on behalf of the team.

Grand Final Winners:

Girls JT4: This was a young, new team, brought together from the previous year’s turf team, and some new players to turf in their first year of J’s. JT4 started the season with coach Tanya Hoyle, and due to work arrangements, Tanya had to retract her coaching role, and in came Emily Hegney and Alison Dewar. All 3 coaches had a positive effect on these players, Tanya starting with a very mismatched team, bringing them together to start their turf journey together, and Emily & Alison continuing that and progressing their skills to see them play the first-round semi against the minor premiers SBE, and winning 3-1 to move straight to the Grand Final game.

The girls played a great game at the Grand Final, back up against SBE, however this time couldn’t put one away, however also kept SBE from putting in a goal, and the result was a joint premiership with a 0-0 draw. Congratulations girls!

Boys J3: This team of young lads saw a team made up of 6 boys from last year, and a new intake of U13’s that aged up and 2 newcomers. These team changes made a great group of boys and with the support of each other developed them into a fantastic team showing great spirit and determination to do their best. These boys had a great season, finishing as Minor Premiers. The boys had a great win over Norths in the first round Semis, moving straight to the Grand Final against Redcliffe, coming away back to back Premiers with a 4-0 win.

Girls JT1: 2018 saw a big change for our JT1 team. 5 KW players from last year’s team and 9 new recruits (4 from Brisbane clubs, 3 from other regions and 2 returning KW wolf-cubs) and a new coach. Already our head senior coach, this year Nikki Taylor also took on the top junior team and then the fun started!

These girls came together quickly, and right from the grading games showed Brisbane they would be a force to reckon with. This was no better illustrated than with a win against the powerhouse Commercial club in round two.

For the remaining season, JT1’s continued this trend conceding only 1 loss and 1 draw. The achieved a string of convincing wins and a Fore & Against that allowed the team to take the minor premiership. As we moved into the finals, our games were considerably difficult with a loss against Commercial and a draw against Easts, forcing the team to make the grand final game the long way. The grand final against Commercial saw one of the tightest matches for the whole season. With the score 1-1 at 59 mins we all thought we were going to shootouts. However, with a short corner at 40 secs to go Kedron score for a 2-1 win!


Jenny Tidey Trophy (Girls Umpiring)This trophy is presented for the Junior girl umpiring achievement: GEORGIA GADDES

Keith Tidey Trophy (Boys Umpiring)This trophy is presented for the Junior boy umpiring achievement: LACHLAN ROBERTSON

Senior Ladies Trophy – This trophy was donated by Mrs Jenny Tidey & is presented to the most promising junior girl: GEORGIE WEST

Senior Men’s Trophy – Formerly the Division 1 trophy this is presented by the Senior Men’s section for the most promising junior boy: DECLAN BAKER

Presidents Trophy – This trophy is presented to both a boys and girls player who has been a good ambassador for the Club (Pictured):



We congratulate all of our award recipients – well done on a fabulous 2018 season wolves! #kwhockey