Kedron Wavell Services Hockey Club

Hockey Club Brisbane, for men, women, boys and girls of all ages

Canteen Opening Checklist


Following are guidelines for Opening the Club Canteen

Baine Marie

  • Turn On Bain Marie To About 120 Degrees

  • Lift Trays And Make Sure The Water Covers The Elements

Slushee Machine

  • Turn slushee machine to freeze – buttons on side need to be turned to freeze (on) and chill (off) – auger switch remains on. there are two slushee colours so two sets of buttons – make sure both are turned on.

  • Empty slushee drip trays.

  • Top slushee up if needed – make up mix using large white jug from sink. slushee takes about 40 mins to freeze.


  • Turn On Grill To 180 Degrees

Deep Fryer

  • Turn On Deep Fryer To 180 Degrees

Exhaust Hood

  • Turn On Exhaust Hood

  • Unlock fridges and leave padlocks unlocked.

  • Put cash drawer in till.

  • Open front and side roller doors when ready

Food Prep

  • Cut up lettuce, grate carrot, slice tomato.

  • Get bread from freezer if needed.

  • Put lolly bags on counter. get sauces out of fridge

  • All ingredients should be in small fridge under microwave – some may be in back fridge or freezer.


  • Make food to order where possible people are happy to wait if they know food is fresh

  • you can make some chips and gems so they are on hand.

  • try to avoid wastage where possible as this costs the club money.

  • Restock fridge as needed during your shift to make sure as many drinks as possible are cold.

Cash Register

  • Ring All Purchases Into The Till – Buttons Are Marked For Most Goods

  • Use Misc Where There Is No Button.


Wash your hands!

  • most food borne illness can be prevented by good and regular hand washing and good temperature control.

  • keep cold food below 5 degrees and hot food above 65 degrees.


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