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Silver Wolves 100 Club


The Silver Wolves 100 Club has been designed specifically to help Kedron-Wavell’s talented and loyal hockey players with the cost of pursuing their hockey careers. Every cent of Silver Wolves 100 Club funds raised goes directly to the players – usually in the form of, but not limited to a fee subsidy.





Silver Wolves 100 Club offers the opportunity for individuals, and businesses, to donate an annual fee of $100 (or more) towards the current generation of champions coming out of Kedron-Wavell Services Hockey Club.

Kedron-Wavell players pay a high price to chase their dreams in hockey, much higher than those in many other sports. The Silver Wolves 100 Club helps our players access the opportunities they might otherwise not be able to afford. The Silver Wolves 100 Club is all about giving today’s rising stars the same opportunities to stay in the game at our club.

Silver Wolves 100 Club membership is promoted throughout the club. Any club member, parents, friends of the club or business is welcome to join. (If you are not a Kedron-Wavell Services Hockey Club member, a $5 associate membership cost is required).  In return, every Silver Wolf 100 Club Member has a say in who receives the fee subsidy.

Interest in the creation of the Silver Wolves 100 Club to date has been high by the club members and officials.


To find out more information or to become a member of the Silver Wolves 100 Club please contact John Davis This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.