Kedron Wavell Services Hockey Club

Hockey Club Brisbane, for men, women, boys and girls of all ages


2017 Wolves Junior Boys

Kedron wolves Field Teams in the Brisbane Junior Boys competition in the Following grades

Junior Turf 1 ages 14 - 17

Junior Turf 2 ages 14 - 17

Under 13 ages 11- 13

Under 9 ages 7 - 9

Under 7 ages 5-7

We also run a Learn Hockey Program for those who have never played before and want to try - contact us for more information.



2016 Juniors Handbook

Welcome the 2016 Hockey Season. Below you will find key dates and information.

Junior Age Groups 2016

  •  U7 2009-2011
  •  U9 2007-2008
  •  U11 2005-2006
  •  U13 2003-2004
  •  J’s 1999-2002

Training & Games

All training for 2016 will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at the Burringbar Park fields.

All times and start dates are as follows and can also be seen on our Club Wolves Calendar Here

TURF (Wednesdays) Training Times Training start date

  •  JT Girls & J Boys 5.30 - 7.00pm 3rd February
  •  13T Girls & 13 Boys 5.00 - 6.00pm 3rd February

Grass (Top Field) Training Times Training start


  • U7 & U9 Girls & Boys 5.00 – 6.00pm 15th March
  • U11 Girls 6.00 – 7.00pm 9th February


  •  U11 Boys 5.00 – 6.00pm 10th February
  •  U13 Grass Girls 6.00 – 7.00pm 3rd February
  •  J Grass Girls 5.30 – 7.00pm 27th  January

A parent or guardian is expected to remain during training and games. In the case of injury “Duty of Care” is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. If your child is unable to attend training, please advise your team manager or coach.


Do you need a new uniforms?  Uniforms will be available for sale at sign on day - come down and get yours direct!

If you can't make it through - uniforms can also be purchased online direct from Kukri through our website here .

Club Uniforms

Do you have a uniform that is now too small?

We are looking at offering a second hand uniform service - If you have any items that you would like to sell please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and advise the items that you would like to sell with contact details and we will communicate to all team managers at the commencement of the training season.

Remember: Kedron Wavell Services Hockey Club wear Kukri brand and consist of:-

o KW Singlet

o KW skirt/skort or shorts

o KW Socks (Red)

o KW Skirt with blue bike pants. (skins may be worn under the blue bike pants and must

be shorter than the skirt and be royal blue).

Fee Payment

The club offers a payment plan for the payment of fees. A payment plan form can be requested from the contacts below.  Fees can also be paid via bank transfer. All fees are to be paid in full by 30th April, 2016

Canteen Roster

To meet registration commitment, each team will be rostered throughout the season to do multiple shifts in the club canteen. Parents of each child in the team will be required to fill all the rosters for that team, buy taking turns of doing a duty.

Once teams are finalised, the roster will be emailed to you by your team manager, advising of the dates your team has been allocated. If you cannot commit to a date, you have the option to pay the levy for the duty. The levy is $80 – please advise your team manager if you wish to do this and they will organise payment to be transferred to the correct person that will fulfil the duty.

Planning Sub Committee

This year the junior club are looking to establish a planning sub-committee.  This committee will assist with various fundraising initiatives and also plan the end of year presentation night.

Fundraising is imperative for our junior club – the main function is to assist in keeping our fees to a minimum, however it also assists in purchasing new equipment and this year will help cover development costs for our coaches.

The end of season Presentation Night has previously been organised by the section Secretaries, and with the workload they are already under, we need to split this out – it also helps us in getting new ideas for this.

We would appreciate hearing from you on what you can do to help and to be part of this sub- committee.

The Junior Committee will work with you – and happy to answer any questions without holding you to a position – please help us make KW Juniors a club all kids want to play at!

Key Contacts

Natasha Gaddes- Junior Girls VP e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ph: 0418 796 579

Lisa Newbold – Junior Girls Secretary e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ph: 0488 665 416

Brendan Anderson – Junior Boys VP e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ph: 0411 086 201

Tania Crough – Junior Boys Secretary e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ph 0401 493 848

2015 Club Team Rules

1. Be on time to all games, training and associated events.

2. Turn up to the game with correct gear.

3. Respect the game and its rules.

4. Congratulate team mates on good play while game is in progress - be positive.

5. Keep negative comments to yourself.

6. Enjoy your team mates’ company.

7. Recognise the different jobs your team mates have and give credit when these are done well. e.g. goal shooting; defending; scoring.

8. Set yourself goals e.g. speed of take off; rate of turnover, make sure these are realistic! Constantly reassess and change these.

9. Be happy with your performance but never satisfied - always aim to do better next time.

10. Don’t brood on mistakes once they are over.

11. Beware of developing the losers limp i.e. getting ‘injured’ after mak-ing a mistake or in a heavy defeat.

12. Be prepared to accept criticism in the right way.

13. Give everything you attempt your best effort - not just in sport. Atti-tude in sport shows up the individual’s attitude to all things.

14. Don’t shout about what you are going to do before the match. Do most of your talking on the field - ‘deeds not words‘.

15. Listen to all advice but don’t accept it all.

16. Ignore any remarks made by spectators or the other team.

17. Appreciate the efforts of your team mates, parents and supporters. Realise some of the things they have given up so you can play.

18. Try to learn from everyone, even if you learn what not to do.

19. If you can’t practise, phone - you should turn up even when injured.

20. Respect your umpire’s decisions.

21. Respect your coaches instructions.

How to Apply for Get Started Vouchers

Get Started Vouchers

Get Started Vouchers is one of the funding programs that comprise the Queensland Government’s Get in the Game initiative to support sport and active recreation at the grassroots level.
Get Started Vouchers assists children and young people who can least afford or may otherwise benefit from joining a sport or active recreation club. Eligible children and young people can apply for a voucher1 valued up to $150, which can be redeemed at a sport or recreation club that is registered for Get Started Vouchers.

 Get the facts Here ->

Is the child or young person eligible for a voucher?

Children and young people are eligible to apply for a voucher if they are a Queensland resident aged from 5 to 17 (inclusive) at the time of application, and:

  • the child, or their parent, carer or guardian, holds a Centrelink Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card with the child’s name on it, or
  • the child’s application is supported by two referral agents

Eligible children and young people who received a voucher in 2015 are eligible to apply for a voucher in 2016.

Vouchers are issued on a first come, first served basis. Once the vouchers are fully allocated for a round, no further vouchers will be issued.

How to apply

Round 7

  • Voucher applications open 27 January 2016.
  • Voucher applications close on 30 March 2016 or earlier if all available vouchers are allocated.
  • Vouchers must be presented to a registered club by 6 May 2016.
  • Vouchers must be redeemed online by 20 May 2016.

Most common questions

Parents, guardians and carers

  • I lost my voucher. How do I get another one?

A copy of your voucher is saved in your QGrants account.Log in to your accountand click on 'Applications' and ‘View’ (to the right of the application). You will be able download the voucher pdf file and reprint the voucher to present it to your club. A copy of the voucher was also emailed to the email account you registered with.

  • When will the next round open?

Round 7 opens for voucher applications 27 January 2016.

Sport and recreation clubs

  • How do I change details for a club?
    • Login to your QGrants account ( ).
    • Click on the ‘Accounts’ tab.
    • Click on the club account number.
    • Update the details that require changing and click ‘Save’.
  • How do I change the club’s QGrants login email address?
    • Login to your QGrants account ( ) with your current email and password.
    • Click on the ‘Accounts’ tab.
    • Click on the ‘Change login ID and Email’ button.
    • Enter and confirm the new email address and click ‘Submit’.
    • An activation code will be sent to the email address entered. The activation code will only be valid for 15 minutes. Enter the activation code and click ‘Activate’.
  • The person responsible for redeeming vouchers has left the club and we no longer have access to our account. What do I do?

If the person responsible for redeeming vouchers is no longer contactable, follow the steps below to set up a personal QGrants account for yourself as the new contact. The Get Started team can then link this new personal account to the organisation’s account.

  • Go to the QGrants login page here ( ).
  • Select ‘Sign up here’ under Quick Links.
  • Follow the instructions and click ‘Register’.
  • An email to activate your account will be sent to the email address you registered with – click on the activation link within the email (activation links only last for 24 hours).
  • Complete a Change Request Form ( noting the details of the new personal account you want linked to the club, then email the signed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • As the new club contact person, you will have access to the bank account details, be able to redeem vouchers and approve new contacts for the club account. You will receive email notification from the Get Started team once your new account is linked.

Yours sincerely,

The Team @ Sport and Recreation Services

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.